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    New Ways Education Activities:

    New Ways Organization is engaged in provision of life-saving and protective safe learning environment to children of emergency affected populations. Children have the right to Education even during crisis and conflict. In such difficult times Education becomes even more important as a safe space for children and continuity of something familiar in a time when things around them is chaotic and often very scary. Ensuring that children stay in school during crisis is also an opportunity to reach them with life-saving support as food and water during drought. Life-saving skills such as hygiene practices to avoid outbreak of AWD/Cholera and other deadly diseases is vital for ensuring well-being of children. The protection needs of children of the IDPs and the vulnerable urban poor of the host communities in big towns is very critical.

    In line with its core values, New Ways Organization foresees education the only opportunity to have access to better life, well-being and stable communities. With this in mind New Ways Organization is committed to supporting disadvantaged school-aged children who are out of school due to poverty related issues. The organization has been conducting “Go-to school” campaigns in some of the drought and conflict affected districts. In the year 2019, through this campaign, the organization managed to enroll 1800 out of school children from IDP camps and poor host community of Dhusamareb and Guricel with 6 public schools in Dhusamareb and Guriel towns. These children were provided with teaching and learning materials, solar lamps and school bags. The 6 selected schools were committed to exempt school fees from these children. In return the project paid monthly emergency teacher incentives to 24 teachers operating in the target schools for 12 months. This SHF funded project commenced at a time when there was a severe drought in Dhusamareb District.

    A similar project where 4000 children were enrolled/retained in 18 operational schools was implemented in Guriel sub-district in Dhusamareb District in the first half of 2022. The project was launched to respond to communities affected and displaced by armed conflict between Galmudug State authority and Ahlusna Waljameeca group. The conflict erupted at a time when severe drought caused severe water shortage in most of rural towns/villages in Guricel. This shortage led to displacement of communities and closure of some of the schools in the affected areas. New Ways moved swiftly and responded to the situation by providing integrated services to save lives of children, retain them in schools and have out of school children enrolled in 18 selected schools. Through “go-to-school” campaign, the project managed to enroll or retain 4000 children in the 18 operational schools. The project provided safe drinking water to the 18 schools via water tracking (where there are no boreholes) and installation of water via piping (where boreholes are available). Each school was given one water tank with a capacity of storing 10,000 litres of water. Children were provided with two meals a day under school feeding programme (breakfast and lunch) for 6 months. Teaching and learning materials were also provided to the learners. 1250 adolescent school girls in the 18 schools received sanitary pads on monthly basis for six months. The project provided monthly teacher emergency incentives for 80 teachers operating in 18 schools for 6 months.

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