3.Child protection

Protect & Support IDP children in Africa/Somalia


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    New Ways Organization Activities in Protection:

    Protection, inclusion and exclusion error have been issues in project Implementation in the past years. Having learnt from the past mistakes, New Ways decided to mainstream protection as crosscutting theme in all of its projects. This implies incorporating protection principles and promoting meaningful access, safety and dignity in humanitarian aid, upholding Protection Principles, and to mainstream gender into all the projects cycle. n a bid to avoid exclusion, gender issue was given proper consideration in all projects implemented. Half of all project committees established were ensured to be female. In staff recruitment, 50% slot was also given to female gender. The project management also made sure that all communities in the target areas, including minority groups, are on board, both in staffing and in project committees. New ways does have a stand-alone protection project. New ways is an active member of the protection Cluster.

    1.Food security

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